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C2S3 Crowd Safety Management

Delivering your crowd safety needs through all aspects: Management, Safety, Security, Sustainability and Facilities Management.

C2S3 Crowd Safety Management provides crowd safety and spectator services are able to help you plan for your event in all aspects, whether it be directly planning for and managing your crowd and the movement of large numbers of people, to managing the safety of your event, or undertaking support, assessing and reviewing your environment, and audits of your event or venue we're able to assist you. 

We Specialise in
Crowd Safety Management

We believe that detailed planning will deliver the necessary background to be able to hold a safe event and ensure that the your customers have an enjoyable and safe experience with seamless and invisible management

Crowd Safety Consultancy

We are able to provide consultancy with planning or to review your existing arrangements and offer solutions or suggestions to enhance or improve if  necessary

Event Safety Management

General event safety can be difficult to manage, whether it be ensuring that contractors and third parties are working safely, through to ensuring that the necessary certification and documentation is in place. Whatever your requirements, we have the experience to support you.

Stadium 1a.jpg
Stadium Support

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand. We can offer operational support, evaluations and audits in all aspects of stadia operations.

Facilities Management Consultancy

We all forget that a stadium, venue or location are machines that need to be looked after. With a wide variety of engineering and facilities management experience we are able to assist you in your strategic decisions and operational planning.

Sustainable Energy
Sustainability Consultancy

Ensuring that what we have today, is here for tomorrow is extremely important and our actions may cause long term harm. We can help you with your sustainability needs and your sustainable development. 

Music Festival
Our vision is to provide all aspects of support to the events sector in order to present safe and enjoyable events.

Crowded places such a Stadiums, Festivals, Arenas, Train Stations and Street Events are difficult to manage as the crowds that form are constantly moving, change rapidly, have internal and external influences and may not respond as you intend them too. We want to ensure that any crowd is planned for, well managed and ensure that all eventualities are catered for. At C2S3 we provide Crowd Safety Management to ensure that those within a crowd have a great experience and stay safe, not to mention keeping your work force and third parties safe.

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