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C2S3 Crowd Safety Management offer a range of services supporting the events industry. Whether you need full support and advice, or are looking to make small enhancements, verify your activities, or develop better ways of working, we can provide support and guidance for you.

Crowd Safety Management

We are trained and qualified in the safe management of crowds with experience of working with all types of crowds, from small scale events to internationally acclaimed events that attract a wide diversity of people. 

We understand the importance of assessing, evaluating, and planning for a crowd well before the event and arrival of the crowd.  

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Crowd Safety Consultancy

We offer the ability to consult on how your operation may be affected by crowds, how they will interact with your environment and provide support and guidance on planning for the arrival, management and dispersal of crowds.

Event Safety Management
With an in-depth working knowledge of the events industry, ranging from small events to global mega events, we can provide you with services from the health and safety management of your event to ensuring that the broader aspects of your event are safe managed 
Stadium Support

Our speciality is Stadia. Understanding the operation of a stadium can be difficult and knowledge can take years to develop. With a solid background in Stadium Management, Facilities Management and Operational Experience, we can support you in projects, planning, and operational advice.

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Stadium Safety Consultancy

Sometimes it is difficult to identify if there is room for improvement or where there is any requirement to develop.

We offer a full review service where we will examine your operations and offer solutions for improvement. We are also able to undertake full safety audits to support your operating certificates and licences. 

Facilities Management Consultancy

Your facility is at the core of your operation, without it there is no event. From audits in operational ability, usage, optimisation, maintenance, testing and compliance we can support you to make sure you are operating at your best. Should you have projects or improvements that you wish to make, we have a wealth of experience from the delivery of key projects such as energy efficiency enhancements, to security systems such as CCTV, fire alarms, Intruder alarms and access control or safety support systems such as generators capable of powering the entire stadium. 

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Sustainability  Consultancy

With over eleven years' experience in the field of sustainability and sustainable development, especially in the events industry we are able to provide support and guidance to aid you on your sustainable journey. Whether you are taking your first steps and want to know where to start, or whether you are looking for credentials such as an international standard, we are able to assist you at all levels.

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